Berry Delicious Options from Fruitealicious 

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Our commitment to serving only the freshest of ingredients means that we keep a close eye on seasonal fruit offerings. Since we’re in the thick of strawberry season, we thought it appropriate to highlight some berry delicious options on the Fruitealicious menu! 

Strawberries Galore

Some of the sweetest strawberries you’ll eat are those deep red strawberries available from mid-June to early July. Those are exactly the kind of strawberries we use to make our ever-popular strawberry shortcake! Served on ice, our strawberry shortcake is smooth and best of all, mixed with whip cream. Topped with freshly diced strawberries, it’s sure to help quench your craving for some fresh berries.

Ode to Chocolate

One of our favorite things to mix with strawberries should come as no surprise. Chocolate! Our chocolate covered strawberries concoction is both indulgent and refreshing as it is served on ice. Decadent dutch chocolate and strawberries for the win. Drizzled in chocolate and topped off with a fresh strawberry, it’s truly hard to resist. 

Chillers & Smoothies

Our extensive smoothie and slushy options are packed full of berry-centered deliciousness. A few to choose from include some classics like mango strawberry, strawberry peach and strawberry banana. For a more tropical take we highly recommend trying kiwi strawberry or lychee strawberry!

Berry Unique Options

We’ve said it before but we think it’s worth saying it again. Here at Fruitealicious we always encourage both our customers and our team members to be creative. If you have a berry unique concept you’d like to mix up and try, dream it up and we’ll mix it up. Simply select a base, flavor and mixers and leave the rest to us. Remember that we have both raspberry and strawberry as flavor options. You can also add strawberry jellies and blueberry or strawberry pops to your one-of-a-kind creation.