4 Things to Know About Bubble Tea

Whether you’re trying bubble tea for the first time or you’ve been slurping tapioca balls from your favorite class milk tea for ages, we’re confident you don’t know all there is to know about bubble tea. We thought we’d share four fun bubble tea-related facts for the benefit of the novice and advanced bubble tea aficionado alike.

Classic Milk Tea

Trying something new can be overwhelming, especially when just about everything on the menu looks like something you’d enjoy. If you’re looking to try a classic and ever-popular bubble tea, trying a classic milk tea is a great place to start. It is the most traditional form of the popular beverage that so many in states have grown to know and love. The perfection combination between sugar, milk powder and black tea, no two classic milk teas taste exactly the same.

Toppings Differentiate Bubble Tea

There are hundreds of thousands of bubble tea combinations out there, we come up with original combinations regularly! One of the things that differentiates bubble teas most, however, are the toppings. Tapioca is one of the most common toppings but fresh fruit, jellies and popping boba are common, too!

Quality Matters

Especially when making the tapioca balls, using high quality is essential to a quality bubble tea drink. It helps that here at Fruitealicious we make our tapioca fresh and in small batches each and every day.

Fruitealicious Makes the Best Bubble Tea

That’s right, we might be biased but be stand by it! Offering our delicious bubble tea in six different locations across Texas, it’s more convenient than ever to scoop up some bubble tea to sip on. With the summer heat quickly approaching, we highly recommend you figure out which location is most convenient for you to visit, and fast!