Refreshing Tropical Blends from Fruitealicious

Is it too early to start thinking about summer? We think not here at Fruitealicious! While we serve up tons of tropically-inspired smoothies and slushies year-round, we’re especially excited to serve them as the heat of summer approaches. Think cold, refreshing mixes featuring mango, coconut, pineapple, passionfruit and strawberry. Our dedication to using only the freshest ingredients ensures that you’ll appreciate each delicious blend.


Mango Passionfruit

Mango and passionfruit, a delicious and dynamic duo in any tropically-inspired beverage! As one of the most popular fruits in the world, mango has long been a staple in beverages and dishes alike. Papaya, grown throughout Central and South America rounds out the sweet taste of the mango. We’re also incorporating mango into a few other delicious combinations like green apple mango, mango pineapple, kiwi mango and peach mango.

Pina Colada

Nothing is quite as synonymous with the tropics as a pina colada. The perfect marriage between coconut and pineapple, it’s a refreshing option to welcome in the summer months ahead. Coconut is electrolyte-packed, making it a hydration power fruit!

Lychee Strawberry

Exotic and nutrient dense, the lychee fruit comes from tropical areas of China. Packed with health and medicinal benefits, our sweet tasting lychee strawberry blend is the perfect ode to tropical days ahead.

Have a tropical combo you don’t see on our menu? Dream it up and our team will whip it up! We take customer creativity very seriously around here and encourage you all to think outside of the box whenever possible.

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