3 Energizing Fruitealicious Tea Combos

On some days, you wake up to your alarm on the first ring and jump right out of bed. You kick off the morning ready to take command of your day and power through a long to-do list. On other days, not so much. You might be dragging a little bit and procrastinating on starting your day. An energizing tea combination from Fruitealicious might be just what you need to get some needed pep in your step!


Jasmine Tootea Fruitea

With a green tea base, our Jasmine Tootea Fruitea is a flavor-packed beverage you’re sure to love. Shaken with jasmine and honey, it has a sweet scent and is infused with our seasonal, fresh fruit bits. It’s doubly beneficial as green tea has high levels of antioxidants, helping to strengthen your immune system.

Black Sugar Tri-Fecta

What is the tri-fecta, you ask? Boba, flan and grass jelly, a Fruitealicious specialty! Our black sugar tri-fecta is a Taiwanese specialty that is a featured item on our menu. Served on ice, we blend hot milk tea with melted black sugar for soft and sweet notes. The tri-fecta adds unique taste and texture to this beloved, refreshing drink!

Make Your Own

If you’re feeling creative, you can always mix up your own tea concoction. Simply pick either black tea or green tea as your base, choose a flavor such as lychee, guava or kiwi, to name a few, and add in some mixers! If you really want to max-out your tea you can even add some B-12 energy. B-12 energy is one of many mixer options we have at Fruitealicious. Still unsure of what tea combinations to try? Two of our favorite energizing tea recommendations are mango black tea and raspberry green tea.

For all of our on-the-go fans, we have a ton of energizing tea combos to try. The next time your day is needing a boost, stop by any one of our Fruitealicious locations in Texas.