Casting Call for Talent!

Calling all talent! You could be our next star. Fruitealicious star, that is! As you may already know, we’re turning the corner on opening our newest Fruitealicious location in Austin, Texas. We’re bringing the same strong company culture, incredible menu and core values that have helped us succeed at our other five locations. As we put the finishing touches on our brand new space, we anticipate an opening date of late January, early February. The final, and most important, piece of the puzzle is recruiting a fantastic team!

Austin Store.jpg

If you have an interest in working in a fun environment with hard-working, dedicated team members, a job at Fruitealicious might be just what you’re looking for. Beyond teaching you how to make unique, delicious bubble tea beverages, our employees also learn lifelong skills such as work ethic and teamwork. We’re not just tooting our own horn! Our employee testimonials speak for themselves. Built on a foundation of peace, our goal is to empower each of our employees and live our core values of persistence, effort, attitude, communication and empathy every day. Creativity is a big part of what we do on the daily. Whether their concocting new drinks from thousands of possible drink combinations or helping pick out music at one of our stores, team members are encouraged to flex their creative muscles!

Here at Fruitealicious, we strive to offer our customers an incredible product and top-notch service in a fun and supportive environment. If all of this sounds right up your alley, we’d love to hear from you! Don’t have prior work experience? Don’t let that stop you. We’ve been there before, too. As long as you’re a go-getter who believes in our core values, we want to learn more about you. Ready to get things kicked off? Fill out an online application today.