Frozen Bubble Tea to Beat the Dallas Heat

Are you ready for summer? Many days in Dallas, the heat is so strong that people simply move from an air-conditioned car to an air-conditioned building. And even that can bring on the sweats like a full workout. On days like that, an ice-cold drink can be a welcome refresher, pick me up, or after work kick-back. All five of our Fruitealicious locations have you covered!

Something Fruity and Frozen

Feel like something sweet? Our fruity frozen creations hit the spot. Tropical flavors like mango, guava and pineapple are blended with grenadine. Strawberry Shortcake is like dessert in a cup with whipped cream swirls. YUM! We go crazy with coconut, mango, lemon, strawberries and raspberries to make the most fabulous creations you can imagine.

Chocolatey Goodness in a Cup

If you’ve had a super stressful day, maybe you’re more in the mood for something chocolatey rather than fruity. Check out our Frozen Hot Chocolate. If that’s not quite sweet enough, try our caramel and tapioca creation known as the Spotted Cow.

It’s a Mystery

Feeling adventurous? Our mixologists can help you come up with a refreshing, fruity drink that will surprise your taste buds and keep you sipping for more. Each fruity bit will be a delicious surprise! Make a game of it with your friends and see who can guess all the ingredients.

Frozen Caffeine

Sometimes you need an energy boost, but your body doesn’t want hot coffee - its craving cold. Our fabulous frozen drinks give you both. Choose from coffee, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut and mocha flavors. They quench your thirst, give you an energy boost and help you cool off. It’s a perfect combination.

Next time you’re sweating bullets in Dallas, drop by any of our five Fruitealicious locations for a tasty frozen drink. We’ll have the air conditioner cranking too!