Different Types of Boba

Walking into any of our Fruitealicous locations in the Dallas area is like walking into a magical, colorful playground. Even the most experienced boba lover can be a bit overwhelmed. Let us walk you through the amazing add-ins you’ll see.

Tapioca Balls

This is not the tapioca you think of in stores or cooking on grandma’s stove. Our tapioca balls are black and chewy and taste like caramel. The American version is white and kind of unappetizing. The tapioca pearls used in boba are infused with brown sugar – YUM! While some places cook tapioca balls once or twice a day, we cook them in small batches all day long – sometime as many as nine batches in one day!

Pro tip: if you love caramel flavor or our tapioca balls, you’ll love our Spotted Cow bubble tea.

Rainbow Jellies

So pretty, right?! We’d like to take a minute to correct an assumption. These are NOT made from gelatin. Made from coconut water, they’re vegetarian friendly! Each color has a fabulous flavor to go with it, such as mango, passion fruit, strawberry and pineapple. The firm texture adds an interesting dimension to your bubble tea. The Rainbow Jellies are bit softer and milder flavored than the fruit flavored ones.

Pro tip: Coffee jellies are great with Thai tea!

Pop Boba

The boba that POPS in your mouth! It’s a surprise in every bite! Each burst propels a powerful bit of fruit juice into your mouth. We’ve got many flavors to choose from, including strawberry, pina colada, passion fruit and even yogurt! Ask for a sample next time you come by.

Pro tip: Contrasting the flavor of your pop boba with the flavor of your bubble tea base produces great results.

Fresh Fruit

You’ll notice when you stop into any of our locations in the Dallas area that we don’t have a freezer. The fresh mango, strawberry, kiwi and pineapple bits we offer are diced each morning. They add flavor and a serving of fruit to your bubble tea or smoothie.

Pro tip: Try our Tootie Fruitie mix or ask for Double Fruit to kick up your fruity experience!