Best Bubble Tea in Dallas

Bubble tea takes refreshment to a whole new level. The tea or fruity base combined with chewy mix-ins is like any other drink you can get. At Fruitealicious in Dallas, we take bubble tea to places it’s never gone before – giving you a one of a kind experience every visit.

How We Started Our Bubble Teas

Jon and Carmen started with a vision. They wanted to create unique beverages with a balance of texture and flavor. In 2008, they took the first step to bringing their vision to life when the opened the first Fruitealicious location in Carrollton, Texas.

Making Beverages Fun

We’re all about bending the rules – at least the ones related to beverages. Every one of our locations in the Dallas area is focused on giving you a one of a kind experience every time you come see us. We pride ourselves on best in class service and we do this by hiring our biggest fans.

Almost Endless Boba Combinations

Have you seen our menu? It’s huge! And everything on it can be combined to create the perfect boba treat for your tastes on any given day. Or if you’re not feeling like boba, there are almost infinite combinations of lemonades, slushes or shakes to be created. All together, it’s more than 10,000 drink combinations.

Quality Matters

With all those combinations, we are equally as focused on providing high-quality boba to all of Dallas-Fort Worth. Our tapioca balls are cooked in small batches throughout the day to ensure you get the perfect mix-in every time. All of our fruit is chopped fresh daily – we don’t even have refrigerators! And our fruit jellies and popping boba are ordered from high quality sources. Many of our suppliers ship direct from Taiwan – the home of bubble tea.


Next time you’re looking for a truly unique beverage experience, come see us at Fruitealicious. We’ve got the best bubble tea in Dallas.