Fun Facts About Bubble Tea

The sweet and tasty drink known as bubble tea or boba tea is quickly sweeping the nation. We love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they stop in at any of our four Fruitealicious Dallas locations and take that first sip of a specially made bubble tea. Bubble tea is as fun as it sounds and there’s some really fun facts to go along with it.

A Bored Woman in a Meeting Invented It

Seriously. You know the story that Toll House Cookies were invented by accident when a toll taker’s wife was in a hurry to bring cookies to the toll booth? Well boba has a similar story. As we understand it, the story is that a product development manager for Chun Shui Tang tea house in Taitung was in meeting sipping iced Assam and munching on her fen yuan (sweetened tapioca dessert). She was bored and to entertain herself she plopped the fen yuan into her beverage. It was so good, it wound up on the tea house’s menu and became a hit.

Boba Doesn’t Mean Balls or Pearls

Originally, 1/12” tapioca balls were used, giving rise to the name pearl milk or pearl tea. As it gained in popularity, one shop owner tried to differentiate himself by using larger, ¼” tapioca balls. He called them boba. In Chinese, the word boba is a combination of the characters for bubble and big. In slang, these are used to mean “big breast” or buxom lady.” We’re not sure, but it’s a good bet that his product took off.

The Bubble in Bubble Tea Isn’t What You Think

Most people think that the word bubble in bubble tea refers to the colorful, chewy tapioca balls found on the bottom. In fact, the bubble refers to the foam on the top. Originally, bubble tea was made without the use of tapioca balls. Shop owners prepared it by adding milk to tea and shaking it, which caused the foaming action. Boba is made the same way with the addition of tapioca balls.

If you’re ready to get your smile on and try some bubble tea, stop by any of our Dallas locations. We’ll see you soon!