Our Core Values: The Fruitealicious 5

Fulfilling our mission of empowering people to live their lives to the fullest would not be possible without staying true to our five core values! Our values of persistence, effort, attitude, communication, and empathy serve as the guiding star for all that we do at Fruitealicious. 


Especially when working to overcome adversity, we truly believe that persistence is a key ingredient! Regardless of how difficult a feat may seem, we recognize the power of getting up and persisting time and time again to succeed.


We’re sure that you’ve heard the saying, “you get out what you put in.” A commitment to putting forth maximum effort at all times is essential to our company culture. Our team members come to work every day and put their best foot forward to get the job done!



We believe that a positive attitude goes a long way, not just at work but in our personal sphere of influence. That’s why when you walk into any one of our Fruitealicious locations; you’ll be greeted by one of our smiling, helpful team members. We hope that our positive attitude and good vibes will stay with you long after you’ve slurped up your boba tea.


There’s no arguing the importance of communication in establishing positive and productive relationships with others. We’ve found this to be true in the foodservice industry as well! 


You’ll notice that many Fruitealicious team members are young, that hiring move was intentional! We were all young once too looking for our first job so when we started this business we knew we wanted to give young people opportunities. Beyond wanting to help them thrive in their first job, we want them to gain life skills along the way! Acting with empathy is just one of the five values we instill in our employees. 

Fruitealicious would not be the extraordinary company that it is without the support of our incredible customers and hardworking staff! We are thrilled to serve communities that support the core values we espouse. 

Peace, Love, Boba: it’s in our mission, after all! Stop in and visit us at one of our many locations to see our mission and values at work.