Scary Good Milk Teas

During the spookiest month of the year, milk tea is known to keep the ghouls, goblins and ghosts away! All jokes aside, a creamy milk tea is appropriate any time of the year. Be sure to stop in and try any of our delicious iced milk teas.  


In our humble opinion, you can never go wrong when ordering a classic milk bubble tea. With a strong flavor of tea, this traditional option is very creamy and rich in taste. If you can’t choose between all of the delicious milk tea options we have at Fruitealicious, the Classic is a great place to start!


Almond milk tea is a great option for vegetarians and vegans alike as it is dairy-free. With a slightly nutty twist, this milk tea option won’t disappoint! We highly recommend topping your almond milk tea with some chia seeds which will add an energy boost and contain protein and fiber.


Looking for a tropical take on your milk tea? Try the coconut milk tea and let your imagination take you back to memories of your summer beach trip. Adding mango and pineapple jellies is highly encouraged!



Made from taro root, taro milk tea makes for a thick, creamy concoction. Described as sweet and creamy, taro has a unique flavor but is said to taste like vanilla by some people. Don’t hesitate to add some tapioca to your taro tea to give this thick treat some added texture.


It seems like matcha is all the rage lately. It’s antioxidant and detoxifying properties offer up two health-related reasons to order the matcha milk tea! Don’t let it’s vivid green color scare you away, matcha milk tea is another tasty option on our menu.

Whatever halloween-related frights you face this month, a yummy milk tea will bring you plenty of comfort whether you’re kicking back at home or donning your goofiest costume bopping around town.